John’s Musings

  • Breath of Eternity

    I is the nameless, spaceless, sourceless breath of eternity.
  • Light Consciousness

    We do not exist "within" light-consciousness any more than light-consciousness exists "within" space and time. Light-consciousness boundlessly encompasses all that is, both subjective and objective. I is that!
  • Thoughts

    Thoughts are like bubbles or waves on the surface of the boundless, timeless ocean of awareness. Allow them to come and go unencumbered, free from attachment or identification. That is the meaning of "take no thought."
  • Presence

    In presence there are no moments -- only the changing landscape of awareness of the eternally here & now.
  • Allowing

    Let go of everything and simply allow awareness of the boundless, endless here and now.
  • Lucid Dream of I

    I is a lucid dream within a dream, within a dream, within a dream -- infinitely reflected and refracted through the prism of boundless, timeless awareness -- the Net of Indra. Simultaneously dreamer and dreamed, yet neither, I is ineffable, overflowing emptiness. You are that!

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  • The Five Pillars of Love & Freedom

    Accepting What Is Letting go of Limiting Conceptual Beliefs Being Here & Now Seeing Beyond the Illusion of Separation Embracing Your Boundless Self
  • Presence

    In presence there are no moments -- only the changing landscape of awareness of the eternally here & now.
  • Finding Self

    You have heard the story of the person searching through the house for the glasses sitting on his nose (paradoxically, permitting him to "see"). So it is with the person seeking to "find" the Self.
  • Reality or Illusion

    Is what I observe real or an illusion; does the mind give rise to thoughts or do thoughts give rise to mind; are observations images in mind, images of mind, or inseparable from mind; is awareness a product of mind or mind an instrument of awareness? The answer to any question posturing an “either/or” dichotomy is, of course, "Yes."

  • Existence

    I does not exist. Existence is I.
  • Paradox of Nothing & I

    The paradox of nothing and I: Nothing is not inside of I. Nothing is not outside of I. There is no inside or outside to nothing or I. Nothing, in all its plenitude, is I. I is nothing.

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