Angel Food for Non-thought

blowing bubblesOur Beloved Angel, who made her transition on January 1, 2018, shortly after visiting us for the last time in the flesh, wrote these words when working for Wings of Spirit regarding her personal “awakening” experience:

While staying at Wings of Spirit, I was gifted with the incredible experience of opening unto myself – some would call this an “awakening.” The vibrational energy of love and light in this environment is beyond description, and yet I find myself reaching for a way to convey the beauty and wonder so that others may experience it as well.

Always emersed in peace, love, and joy each time I visit John and Diadra, on this occasion something shifted. Diadra and I were seated at the breakfast table in silence and taking in the beauty of the mountains before us, when a flood of peace washed over me – a peace that passeth understanding. Suddenly, messages began to fill me; messages of pure love that spoke to, of, through, as, and beyond my being.

Moved to immediately begin writing these words, for the next forty-five minutes I sat in a blissful state of non-thought and simply allowed the process to flow through me and onto the paper. This was Essence, pure and unfiltered, speaking messages of timeless truth and love. With my mind out of the way, these “love notes from Essence” came freely.

I now find that, when I sit in silence, messages from Essence “find me.” I share them here as a gift to you, just as you are a gift to me. The result of food for non-thought is the sweet reward of our just desserts. These expressions flow forth from the source of the All.

In light and love,

Wings Of Spirit angelLet not the Mind go to unfamiliar places, for the mind is not of this earth, but only of Itself. Prophets speak of what time will tell, revealed only unto Itself. Hold deep to the loving consciousness of Eternity and accept Divinity.

It is only through your Divine nature that the heart is open to Its Beingness; it is truly your nature to give pause—not for reflection of thought but for protection from thought. Nourish the thoughts that give delight, for they shall pave the way for things to come. Speak softly to the heart. It yearns for reunion which, in Truth, is no more a reunion that the hand remembering it’s connection to the arm and holding true to its nature.

The Peace envelops you within its fold, unfolding more and more deeply into Itself. Warmth of presence magnifies warmth of presence as a blanket to a sleeping child nestled to the bosom of the mother. Mother Earth, nature, and all of God’s glory gifts Itself to the world of sleeping eyes. Rise up and awaken, sleepy head, for the morning is clear and the bells are ringing. Gather together at the church of your heart and know I am Heaven among you, written deeply and forever into the Eternity of your soul. Come what may, all is well, all is good, and all is as All shall be. There is no longing to be in be-longing.

You are the Truth
You are the fold
For all to know
the Truth be told

Give unto that which giveth you and that is my Divine pleasure. Measure for measure. Tit for tat. Imagine that, imagine That. You are the vision of the image to come that once had been before it was realized. That, in a nutshell, is the Truth.

Glories be, glorious Be. Praise be unto all, for all is worthy of praise. It is my great gift to glorify the giver and the receiver, for they are one and the same. Deceptive packaging, indeed.

Seek not to remember this feeling of peace, but to return here often. It is a necessary part of your function – a conjunction of sentences as it were – a joining of that which has never been un-joined. Sweet reunion is only to experience that which already is. Rest deep in the mountains and take no thought. It is the thought that takes you on journeys to nowhere. Journey instead, to no-thing… nothing. Nothing is where all awaits.

Breathe deeply into the ecstasy of your being, held forever in the breath of the keeper. All is well and the well runs deep – more deeply than imagined perceptions of the mind could conceive. Deliver unto thyself the bounty. The feast is plentiful and the guests have arrived.

Know not where this comes from; it is not to be known of the knowing but understood as the be-ing of the being. Rest assured – all is well.

Trinity of expression awaits, dear ones. First in the fold, then in the flock, then within the Mind. Do not mind the mind, but allow it to wander until it is lost to the world. The treetops escape expansion by resting quietly within themselves and holding true to their Divine nature. Expansion is unnecessary display when all that is required has always been. Understand the duality of the mistaken mind. Leave it be. You are enough, Beloved, quite enough.

The heart wants what it cannot have –that which is lost, for lost does not exist. Exist in the moment and all will be revealed as that which was never hidden. Make no mistake, there is nothing to take. How can one take something from oneself? It is an impossibility; a concept that can only be conceived by the mind. Never fear,

Love is here, and Love is all there is. Truly, you are my gift to the world, and I am My gift to you, Beloved.

All that turns will turn in time; all the words shall end in rhyme. Peace. Expressions of Joy, expressions of Joy. My heart is singing.

The mind cannot grasp the awakening, the awakening can only be held by the heart. Awakening is not a fanfare but a softening; a quiet slipping away into the Peace that passeth understanding. Color schemes awaken dreams. Awakening is a quiet affair. Love recognizes Itself and beholds the wonderment of It’s expression. Stillness sleeps, stillness keeps the treasures awaiting those who would open their eyes. Dreams kept in slumber could never outshine the dreams lived by the awakened. Precious moments kept, as a bird to its nest. Would not the bird keep to its nest until it is time to fly? It is time to fly, my dear, for the weather is clear. The sky is not night-ful but delightful. You are my treasure; eternally a gift unto Myself. I am overjoyed.

Precious is as precious does and what is to become other than Be-coming? You are as I am the second coming. Come unto thyself, Beloved. Arisen in consciousness, you are awakened into the realm of the unlimited. Be thy gift unto Me, sweet one. You are an angel Devine. Delight knows no bounds!

Wings Of Spirit voiceFind your voice now, Beloved—amidst the catcalls of the wild. Rest in the peaceful stillness of I Am. Wonder not of the cause of dismay, but seek to fill the spaces of your mind with abundance of tranquility. Know that wherever your focus falls, I am there; I am that. The decision to rest or to retreat to the familiar white noise of the mind is yours to claim.

Sing your song so quietly that all may hear its sweet harmonic echoes beckoning them to remembrances of old. Speak now and forever hold My Peace.

Would I not adorn thee with all of the treasures of my heart? Oh yes, my love. For what is a treasure locked behind walls; buried beyond recognition. Unearthed treasures delight the heart and there you shall find what one cannot seek. A treasure which cannot be given, but can only be received. Receive what is yours to be gifted to yourself as that which is not given but unearthed into awareness.

My gifts to you lie beyond the realm and comprehension of the mind; your gift to me is the delight of your Divine remembrance and the joy of welcoming you home.

The time is quickly approaching in which all that no longer serves it’s true purpose shall be abandoned. Falsely held treasures will cease to glitter and shine. Surrender to the treasures of the heart serves to quicken the process. God speed until you understand how long ago you arrived. Unearth the treasures and rejoice with the masses yet to follow.

Travel lightly and leave all baggage behind. Prepare to accept what you cannot prepare for. The time is coming, Beloved. Sing your song.

imaginationIt is all in your imagination. For what is the imagination but a realm in which to experience all that one chooses to see? It is all in the imagination. Creative spaces open wide and ideas flow freely. Exchange of ideas verse to verse and song to song—all in a chorus of One with the all.

Creative spaces are sacred indeed, in the eye of exploration into the knowing of yourself as I. Mirroring the evolution of the species are the flood of awakened ideas to come, each unfolding level to level, that which is ready for understanding of its own design. Patience, dear one. All that is to come has arrived, awaiting discovery—as you would say, “in due time.” While you would “do time” all is kept in my promise awaiting your arrival into surrender.

piece of the puzzleOne cannot gain understanding of Truth with the mind. One can only be understanding as that which one is. Understanding is not achieved through filters of perception. Understanding is not achieved at all–it has been given. Relax the mind, rest peacefully until you are shifted into a state of peaceFULLness. I fill you now and forevermore with my peace; will you accept what is ours? Or would you see unbounded peace as the fulfillment of that which is missing from something–a piece of the puzzle as it were.

A puzzle is a game to distract and entertain the mind. A puzzle engages thought processes, seeking to satisfy questions based on perception. The misperception is the existance of the game. It has no purpose beond the realm of all that has been created for your experience as a physical expression. There is no puzzle to fill other than that which the mind has created for itself to occupy its leisure. There is no “peace” of the puzzle–only “pieces.”

The puzzle is but a fragmented image to match fragmented mind. Familiar haunts provide a safe haven from the unknown. Patterns seek to replicate patterns. Peace requires no replication.

Scatter thoughts and observe the chaotic beauty of the fragments of your creation before you–much like puzzle pieces scattered across the floor. Worry not as to how to order the pieces but, instead, observe. Deliberately, peacefully, and without judgement. Here I Am, you are That. Allow the mind to step back from itself to reveal what is offered. The mind was never intended to direct Source.

Canopy yourself from thunderstorms of the mind with my love and, herein, find the stillness that rests within your very breath. Navigate to that which provides nourishment to the soul. Re-discover peace–always present, enveloping itself as the eternal you.

sixth senseTake no thought until the non-thought takes you on adventures unforeseen through the lens of the mind. This earth mind, as such, knows only that which it can taste, touch, see, hear, or smell with the senses. Turn your focus away from thoughts, allowing them to serve only as breadcrumbs that point the way back to the Divine.

The mind of I is sense-less. Beyond compartmentalization and classification tasks of the sensible. Sensations retreat and collapse into infinite paradise, lost in their own obsquirity. Sence validates sense. What is known as “the sixth sense” is no sense; non-sensical to the mind of human-doings, yet all-expansive. One cannot make sense out of what is not created of the senses. Sensations cease to exist in the realm of Beingness. I make no sense; I Am beyond sense, as you will discover, are you, Beloved. I Am.

The sixth sense holds no understanding of limitation. The sixth sense holds no understanding of itself; it is beyond definition. Exercises in definition serve no purpose. It is you who would choose to assign it a number of six in order to constrain it to the level of your understanding. The sixth sense holds nothing and yet, is All. The sixth sense is eternal wisdom.