Messages For World

In September of 1993, John & Diadra met for the first time while sitting face to face doing eye (I) work – gazing into each other’s eyes.  They both immediately “knew” they had always known each other and felt a profound bond, although they had never met in this lifetime.  Diadra (then Debbie) identified John as “Ana” and herself as “Diadra.”  At the end of the session, Diadra asked Ana whether he would join and work with her, and, without hesitation, Ana said “absolutely.”  At the time, both were married.

From that time forward, John and Diadra stayed in close communication, getting together in person whenever possible — sitting facing each other as close as possible while gazing into each other’s eyes.  During these sessions, messages would come through Diadra for DiadrAna (the name with which Spirit identified the two of them).  Early on, much time was spent acclimating Diadra to higher and higher frequencies of information.  Often, the early messages would be preceded by tongues, chanting, and/or shaking.  Over time, however, Diadra was able to attune to the higher frequencies much faster, the messages came more quickly, and the messages became more and more beautiful, profound, and poetic.

In December of 1994, Diadra resigned her position with Unity School of Christianity when asked by Unity of Dallas to serve as temporary minister for six months.  John and Diadra married on August 12, 1995.  They eventually moved to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, and they have continued to do eye (I) work throughout these many years.  Diadra has also done eye (I) work with those attending her retreats.

Among the many messages received were those to follow, identified as being “for the World.” Although portions of the recordings containing personal information were excised, the messages are otherwise word for word as received.  We think you will find the messages to be speaking directly to the heart and soul of You, Beloved!  The messages are not channeled.  They come from the One and only Source of all.  You are that!!


The Single I

Your beloved is your own, and I am that.  When you gaze into the mirror, see me before you, as you.  Know it is I serving and loving those with whom you come in contact.  Remember it is I looking through your eyes and the eyes of those you meet.  I is the love of God you are, the breath you breathe, the Kingdom Come you seek. Shall I be single?


Vistas of the Soul

I am love.  Follow me to the remembered union with Source.  I knock upon the door as yearning (my will).  My wish is your command.  Filter not.  I give myself in you, allowing all to be.  You are my peace and my power.  Be my voice, my eyes, and my hands in Earth.  Nothing is more precious than a heart in knowing, I is You.


As Water to River

Collectively we are the I that sees, the I that feels, the I that speaks.  I am that which lifts the heart above the Earth to see in single I the will I am, you are.  We are one as water to the river.  Be still to know you are not alone. Let your mirror become my face.  See me there.  Follow me and I in thee will follow you.  Recognize yourself in all you see, for it is I looking back at you.


The Gathering of Light

Service to others is a gift of love, a gift of Self, a gift of light. God entertains itself in service. There is a global, galactic network of those in service, a brotherhood/sisterhood or gathering of light. To find the field of service best suited for you, say “Here I am Lord, use me.” As we answer the call to serve, all that is needed is provided. There are myriad dimensions of service, none less important than another. As we serve one another we serve our God, and we too are eternally gifted.