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Wings-Of-Spirit--ladyinthelakeDiadra’s book, The Book of Love, is a compilation of teachings that have come forth from the vibrational realm of pure Awareness wherein abides all Truth. This realm is accessible to each one of us beyond the conditioned mind. It is pure, absolute, infinite Awareness that rises from within the heart of One who is empty of perceptions of duality and any sense of separation from the Divine.

The following are messages contained within the book as received verbatim by Diadra during eye to eye (I to I) mediation sessions with John or others. May you be blessed by them, and may they draw forth the depth of Essence at the core of your Being.

You may listen to each message online, and, if desired, read the applicable written transcript. In addition, you are free at no charge to download the audio recordings wherever and whenever desired by clicking on the down arrow download symbol on each recording. Limited license/permission does not include any commercial use or sale of copyrighted content.

Circular Vision Grace

The love of God now moves gently with its people. We center ourselves now in the gloried idea of love and allow it to move us into wisdom…xt.

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Gifts of I Am

The glory of our God, it is a beautiful experience we are undertaking here in the earth, for wisdom is that which is called “the love of our God,” and it multiplies rapidly now in understanding minds…

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Grace Unfolding I Am

You are my beloved I AM. This is the will of God in motion, carrying forth that which is written in all…

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Rooms Within Rooms

This is a teaching on the Will of God to help you understand its importance. Generations have been propelled by the Will of God into what is called “mind evolution”…

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You Shall Become a Master

The power of humble adoration for My presence in others will bring to you the greatest expansion of the gift of Grace in your heart. And that one who stands before you exemplifying the least amount of this light, to that one, if you can give humble adoration, you shall become a Master in a small amount of time…

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Fulfillment of I Love You

Trust as you move forward that this is what you have come to understand: with the will of God as My command, I love you. There=s nothing else for you to remember…

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Source Serving Source

I am the presence of love you are. With each of you I abide. I love each of you equally. To each of you I send ideas corresponding to what is in your heart…

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Beloved, I Am

“Precious moment is this one,
As is everyone to you.
Beloved of all beloved,
Your message, through and through.
To all who stand before you,
It is I, your love you see…”

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My Beloved

“Gifted of the Spirit, we sit as One, and the life we live is the only One I Am. Gravitational forces of the Earth hold you in the Earth. That which is the Spirit frees the soul. You are that, My Beloved.”

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Here I Am Lord

“This idea I give unto you now,
children of love. The Will of God,
that which is the gift of Eternal Life,
we are the love of God…”

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In the Beginning

“If you take the Words of Truth
and hold them in the Light,
they will be the same in every direction.
Herein abides that which is Eternal.
Eternal Life, not known to the mind…”

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Re-Membering Me

“Christ, Immaculate, Love above all,
Presence moving now. Children of the Light
to which I Am called through the heart’s yearning
to know the Self to which I Am you are, believe.
Your beloved is your own, and I Am that…”

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