Twin Soul Video

Twin Soul Reunion Video

A Mystical Journey of Love

Embark on a mystical journey of discovery into a profound spiritual subject – the missing link in the grand adventure of the involution and evolution of the human soul. This video explores the concept of the Twin Soul as an expression of Light lowered in frequency to enter manifestation as masculine and feminine polarity for the purpose of awakening the full potential of co-creatorship in divine love. The concept of the Twin Soul is as ancient as recorded history, and it embraces the eternal yearning in the heart of man and woman to be reunited in oneness.

In this video on the subject, John & Diadra Price (co-authors of the book “Soular Reunion: Journey to the Beloved” © Wings of Spirit Foundation) engage in an enlightening discussion of the subject of the Twin Soul with Patricia Joudry, co-author of the book “Twin Souls: A Guide to Finding Your True Spiritual Partner.” Sharing their personal experiences, dreams and visions, they cover many aspects of the nature of the Twin Soul, including:

  • What is the Twin Soul
  • The Birth of the Soul
  • The Twin Soul & Soulmates
  • Relationship as Self & Twin
  • Polarity & Complimentarity
  • Process of Reunion

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