Diadra’s Free Live Audio Recordings

Many of our followers have asked about how they might be able to get their hands on copies of audio recordings of some of the best workshops put on over the years by Diadra, including some of those performed by her at Unity churches around the country when she was with the Unity School of Religious Studies (then known as Debbie Tyson). Accordingly, we are converting old tape recordings of the best of the best of Diadra’s workshops to make them available for listening and downloading online for FREE, including, when applicable, accompanying written course materials. New titles will be added periodically, so check back frequently.

You are free to download the recordings for your personal use or to share them with appropriate attribution at no charge with friends, groups or congregations. Simply click on the down arrow download symbol on the recording. Limited license/permission does not include any commercial use or sale of copyrighted content.

Please also visit Diadra’s Live Video Recordings for live videos of Diadra’s Sermon’s and Workshop.

HOLY SPIRIT REGENERATION: Exploring the Depth of the Purification Process

(Live six hour workshop given at Christ Unity Church of Sacramento, CA)

Holy Spirit Regeneration


Once the soul has surrendered to Divine Will, the Holy Spirit begins a deep purification work in the mental, emotional and physical self. This is spiritual baptism which results in transformation, regeneration, and, finally, eternal life in Christ consciousness. This live workshop explores the depth of this purification process and helps each child of God understand the individual soul’s journey in the Divine Plan. Topics explored include:

  • Holy Spirit Regeneration
  • The Soul’s Journey
  • Mystical Prayer Techniques
  • The Role of Jesus Christ in Regeneration
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Part I Unfolding & Journey

Part II Deepening & Consciousness

Part III Redemption & Baptism

Part IV Regeneration & Prayer

Grace-Full Abundance Workshop: The Essence of Being Fulfilled

(Live workshop given at Unity Church at Tustin, CA)



This live recording of a workshop performed at Unity of Tustin, CA, explores the mystical journey of awakening to the spiritual DNA of the soul’s code of Grace Consciousness. From this consciousness you re-member UNION, all is revealed and healed, and all if fulfilled! Topics explored include:

  • Understanding Your Destiny
  • Your Spiritual DNA Inheritance
  • Holy Spirit Regeneration
  • How to CPR the Soul
  • The Creative Process of Grace
  • The Mystical Grace Prayer
  • In Grace there is no struggle!
  • In Grace abundance flows freely!
  • In Grace your dreams are fulfilled!
  • In Grace your destiny is revealed!



Part 3

Grace Awakening

(Live workshop given at Unity School of Christianity, Unity Village, Lees Summit, MO)

Grace Awakening Workshop


When at Unity Village, Diadra received the message: “Teach my children to accept my Grace; use the Book of Love.” In this workshop, Diadra delves deeply into the true nature of Grace as a state of consciousness, using the Gospel of John as a focal point. She stresses the importance of being out of control, accepting the gift of Grace, and letting God be God in you. God’s grace is perpetually operative. We can’t earn it. But there are certain states of consciousness that can block the flow of God’s grace.” Topics covered include:

  • Comprehending the nature of Grace and recognize how it is operative in your life
  • Identifying any resistances within your to Grace’s activity
  • Understanding the will of God and its relationship to Grace
  • Learning how to become fully cooperative with Grace’s transforming power
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Living in Delicious Uncertainty

(Live talks at Unity of Bon Air, Richmond, VA)



Living in the moment, with no thought of the past or future, opens us to the delicious uncertainty of life unfolding, helping us to escape old beliefs and patterns of behavior. It is those patterns that hold us in fear and insecurity and which take us out of joy, peace and love – our divine inheritance. Living in the moment allows for the full unencumbered expression of our divinity.



The Answer’s a Paradox

(Live recording of talk at Unity of Bon Air, Richmond, VA)



“The answers to our deepest spiritual questions inevitably involve paradoxes which are seemingly contradictory or nonsensical. The reason is because from the perspective of one living from a dualistic mindset, answers expressed from the consciousness of Oneness are irrational. Finding the answer only requires a little introspection. By identifying the false beliefs inherent within our questions, the answers reveal themselves or simply become superfluous.”

The Power of the Name

(Live Sermon and Meditation at Unity of Dallas, Dec. 1994)


Diadra’s service at Unity of Dallas on the power in the name Jesus Christ. Jesus said “pray in my name.” There is an energy vibration contained within the name Jesus Christ that activates a seed code within our hearts. Whatever we identify with, we become. Hold the name Jesus Christ until the name holds you.

Return of the Dove

(Live Sermon and Meditation at Unity of Dallas – 1995)


Diadra’s service at Unity of Dallas on her new book: The Return of the Dove. The dove is the symbol for the descent of the Holy Spirit. This is the age of the Holy Spirit descending upon and birthing the Christ in each of us — the Second Coming. An accelerated moving force is breaking down all barriers to that birthing to enable direct communication and communion with God without the need for any intermediaries. It is time to stop listening with the head and to start listening with the heart, revealing the glorious Divine Plan written in the heart of each.

In Search of the Beloved

(Live Sermon and Meditation at Unity of Dallas – 1995)


Valentine’s Day service delivered by Diadra at Unity of Dallas on finding our Beloved. Each of us has a longing for the love of our life. It is fulfilled by first loving our Self, then getting in touch with the inner Beloved in the ascent of consciousness to our Oneness with and as God. Once we find the inner Beloved, we draw to our consciousness and are united with the outer Beloved. When that happens, love possesses and consumes us, and we are truly IN LOVE with Self, with other, and with all life.

Dialogue on Awakening

(Live Sermon and Workshop at Unity of Charlotte, NC)


Diadra’s sermon, workshop and message from spirit at Unity of Charlotte on awakening to the true Self. The sermon focuses on the desire at the heart of each and every one of us. As Charles Fillmore said “[d]esire is the onward impulse of the ever-evolving soul, and it carries its fulfillment with it as a necessary corollary.” The nature of desire as a component of consciousness is to fulfill whatever is written in your heart and become fully conscious of our Oneness with and as God. The workshop is an in-depth discussion of our true nature and how to embrace it, embody it, and fulfill it! A Pdf of the Dialogue on Awakening Syllabus made available to those attending the workshop is also made available for your review and/or downloading.

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Essence of Being

(Live Class/Workshop at Unity of Wilmington, NC)


During this interactive class/workshop at Unity of Wilmington, Diadra dialogues with the audience and answers questions surrounding the topic of the essence of who we are (I is), synthesizing seeming paradoxes, unifying apparent opposites, and assisting in better understanding ourselves, and overcoming the illusory barriers to living from our Divine Nature Attributes (DNA): peace, love & joy – the essence of our being and true Self.

A Life of Grace

(Live Sermon & Meditation at Unity of Charlottesville, VA)


Diadra’s sermon and guided meditation at Unity of Charlottesville, Virginia on Grace. Grace is a state of consciousness functioning true to the nature of your being from which grace-full blessings flow continuously. Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ. Grace is not a random one time or sporadic gift. It is a constant state of being true to the nature of who you are.

Waking Up in Grace

(Live Sermon at Unity of Hartford, Ct.)


Sermon by Diadra at Unity of Hartford, CT on awakening to and functioning from the essence of our being. We are either true to the content of the mind or to the essence of our being. Living from and in Grace Consciousness lifts us from the mind entrenched in the sense of separation to acceptance of the outrageous truth that you (I) is God. While many give lip service to that truth, few truly accept and live in and from that truth. If we can truly accept that truth, we automatically function in Grace Consciousness, and we live from the essence of our being — peace, love, and joy. God is all there is!!

Book of Love Class

(Wings of Spirit Foundation 2012)


Upon publication of the book The Book of Love: The Word Made Flesh, Diadra leads an informal interactive class or dialogue on some of the key wisdom contained in the book to attendees at a retreat held at Wings of Spirit high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Weaving in teaching from her earlier book Grace Awakening Essence, Diadra reads, discusses, and explains passages from the Book of Love and answers questions from the attendees.

Questions & Answers

(Live Question/Answer Session and Meditation at Unity of Dallas – 1995)

Diadra teaches the power of Grace at many venues.


On Sunday mornings before the sermon, Diadra would lead a prayer/meditation for interested members of the congregation, typically preceded by Diadra answering open ended questions from the congregation in attendance. On this Sunday a number of the questions related to how you can determine whether the messages are coming from Spirit free from interference from the personal ego.