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“Peek A Boo”


It feels like there are pressures within your soul. You feel as though you are being ripped apart and losing your mind. Pressures are the result of the ascending human mind and the descending spiritual consciousness merging and bringing into union the two which is one. Thus is the spiritual transformation.

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spiritual coaching

“Life Coaches: From the Inside Out”

We have probably all had the experience of a gifted coach in our lives, and for most of us we revere them with admiration, gratitude, and deep respect. I remember having extreme difficulty in school with learning French, and if it had not been for Ms. Mitchell and her infinite patience with me (three years), I would have never made it to Paris.

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“Grace Awakening in the Purification Process”


Conscious mind must first accept its destined right position which is not to originate choice, but to accept choice impulsed from its Source—Superconscious mind or what I call Gracemind. This is definitely the most difficult change of mind to accept and actualize because it is a complete reversal for most of us. We are acclimated to making all our choices at the level of conscious awareness which thinks its perceptions, beliefs, and positions are gospel.

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“Regeneration: the Grace of the Holy Spirit”


Anything less than pure God (love) memory is being called to the surface to be transformed by the activity of the Holy Spirit. All energy is being raised to the frequency of light, that we may enter into the eternal life consciousness of Christ, and live in the house of the Lord, forever!

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souls journey

“The Soul’s Journey: Thru Holy Spirit Regeneration


In Christ we see a journey of unfolding and awakening, a continual birthing and rebirthing into the fulfillment of eternal life. And he said, “… come, follow me.” (Matt. 19:21). Christ taught us life was designed to be a journey into the unknown that requires faith and trust in the infinite presence of Love.

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“Reconciling Spiritual Paradox: ‘Thought vs. No Thought’”


In today’s spiritual exploration of inner and outer ‘space,’ we are on a collision course with what I call the spiritual paradox…and there are several of them: doing vs. Being; individuation vs. Oneness; thought vs. take no thought, to mention a few.

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