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Diadra Price Teaching Wings of Spirit

At Home with Diadra Discourse on The Book of Love

Where else can you receive the depth of Grace and Truth you experience during one of Diadra’s at home sessions, courses, retreats, or intensives?  The teachings of Grace become vaccinations for the soul where you feel safe, nestled, cradled, and embraced by the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains and the home of Wings of Spirit.  Each 4 day session offers divine wisdom, love, and museums of consciousness shifts.

Always beyond words, every person who has ever been to one of these sessions will tell you the same thing:  “It was beyond words to describe.”  Those gathered are called by their Spirit and filled to overflowing by the Same.  As you watch the following videos from one of these gatherings, listen to your heart for guidance.

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Online Course

At Home with Diadra: The Book of Love Series

Session 1:
Establishing the Base

Session 2:
How It Came To Be

Session 3:
Reflections of the Word

Session 4:
God Is All There Is

Session 5:
A Peace of the Puzzle