“At Home with Diadra”

Surfing for the “Inner Net:” A Cosmic Experience in Consciousness

“Join me in retreat, on a pilgrimage of the heart, where mysteries will be unveiled. What is meant by this? What mysteries?

The mystery is the unknown that can only be revealed by you during your time at the home of Wings of Spirit. We come together as Grace Consciousness creates a hammock of infinite peace where we have the space to surrender, trust, allow and rest.”

Future events to be announced

What others have said:

“While staying at Wings of Spirit, I was gifted with the incredible experience of opening unto myself – some would call this an “awakening.” The vibrational energy of love and light in this environment is beyond description, and yet I find myself reaching for a way to convey the beauty and wonder so that others may experience it as well.” – A.G.

“[Wings of Spirit], this book [The Book of Love], has literally changed my life!! Everything is different! I am different, I can’t explain it, There are NO words…” – J.Z.