Soular Reunion: Journey to the Beloved

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In this mystical work, John and Diadra Price take us on a spiritual journey of discovery into a profound subject that resonates with the heart of every human being–the missing link in the grand adventure of the evolution of the soul. Reunion with Self, soulmates, and, ultimately, the Twin Soul leads to awakening the full potential of co-creatorship in Divine love, and fulfills the yearning at the center of every heart.

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Here we have the complete story of the Twin Soul, a concept as ancient as recorded history and now woven into the most advanced teachings of science, mysticism and spirituality.

“I believe Soular Reunion is a marvelous exposition of the Twin Soul principle, rich in spiritual counsel and practical advice on how to receive and honor this great gift of love. The book contains invaluable exercises for the development of self, which is the fundamental requirement for union with the Twin. Altogether this work tends toward the fuller realization of life and the divinizing of consciousness.”

Patricia Joudry, co-author Twin Souls, A Guide to Finding your True Spiritual Partner

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4 reviews for Soular Reunion: Journey to the Beloved

  1. P.B.

    There are many books out there about soulmates and twin souls, but this one takes the subject to a much deeper level than anything I have ever read. It is obvious from the depth of this teaching it is a subject that every soul will address at some point in the process of spiritual awakening. It fills in the gaps of many spiritual teachings and helped me to understand many of the unanswered questions in my heart about my own inner quest for union with God. It answered questions I didn’t even know to ask. For me there was one “aha” after another which brought me to a much greater capacity to love and be loved. This book will be a classic in the New World to come!

  2. I.R. Jackson, Jr.

    For over four years I have lived the split life of here and there. Here with my job and all the 3D reality and there with my Twin. After trying to “fix” my life and get together with her I found that nature was putting up lesson after lesson for me. I finally just gave up and proceeded to “get on with my life”. This book gives hope and a history lesson. We can learn if we look into the mirror of our present condition. The gentle words flowing from the page cause an internalization and reaction of Love. From this flow, and other apparent external agents, we find the Heart. After looking everywhere for “the answer” my Heart led me to me. The Experience of your Twin is not only a happy thing, it can be very sad. The reunion of Souls over a long interval of time is a process that is little understood. This book gives indications of hope for our planet during a time of questioning and ultra-material politics and social behavior. Whether you have pondered your Twin in your Heart or you are just interested in the possibilities, this book is written to be gentle to your Heart. And yes, I am in contact with my Twin again after 22 months. Read, ponder and enjoy the mirrors that we each get. Diadra Price has created a lovely work for and about the Heart. Enjoy, I know I did…

  3. Anonymous

    This book was exactly what I was looking for. Anyone who reads this book was led to it by a higher power. This book answered so many questions and even raised a few more. I finally found a book to give me knowledge and enlighten me on this deep and intriguing subject. If you are at this level of asking you will appreciate this book. It is more of a question and answer and informational guide. It validates much of what I was confused about.

  4. Judy Welder

    This book reinforced and put into words the experience of a deep spiritual awakening that I was undergoing at the time I read it. Previous to my finding this book, I had already become in relationship with this phenomona within myself. It is something we all have within us whether we know it or not. By the time I found the book, I was already engaged in this relationship in manifest form. The book was extremely helpful in preparing me for what I was about to go through. The road is rocky and has many obstacles and one passes through the fires of purification repeatedly. What is so incredable about this soular reunion, whether experienced within or without, is the rewards are boundless and surprising. As the book formats, there is much “work” to do along this path but the work can be very up-lifting if viewed from a higher perspective and bathed with love. Love is what it’s all about and as we find that love is Who We Are at our source, we find love in everything around us. At this point, it would be hard not to manifest love in relationship. In my case, it has been a powerful, life-transforming twin soul relationship in which I surrender whole-heartedly, though not without first trying everything I could to escape the realization that the only love I really have is within myself. Diadra and John Price do an excellent job of portraying the obstacles and potentials we create for ourselves along this path. This is a book well worth reading and an experience we all can learn much through opening our hearts to it.

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