Return of the Dove


The Dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit which is sweeping the consciousness of humanity in a purification process that opens the nautilitic chambers of the heart for mystical union and communion with the inner Spirit.

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Diadra says, “These teaching were given to assist the movement of consciousness on a global basis from the Age of Enlightenment into the Age of Regeneration and finally into the Age of Ascension.” Concepts presented include:

We are not alone
The Tree of Life
Meditation with Omni Ashni
Prestance, The Elixer of Love
Beyond the Reasoning Mind
It is Written in Your Heart
Empowerment to Ascension

This product may also be purchased on Amazon.


1 review for Return of the Dove

  1. Barbara Marx Hubbard

    The Return of the Dove is an inspired teaching from the inner source of deep wisdom. It communicates with exquisite fidelity and precision the guidance we need to carry us through this period of transition to the next stage of our evolution.

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