The Book of Love

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The Word Made Flesh is a treasury of the spoken Word from the Divine Presence of every living soul.

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This treasury of Love speaks not so much about, but directly from, the indwelling Presence you already are. Hold this book in your hands and open it to the introduction. Feel the waves of Love that give rise to an uncontrollable sense of “awe” as you are irresistibly drawn inward. Experience the unveiling of the fulfillment of your Original Design, your mission, and your purpose for being here. Witness, as the portal of your heart opens wide to welcome you home and gift you with infinite Wisdom and Love.

No more seeking and searching. No more trying to find. You are the expression of the Divine, the promise kept from Jesus, when he said, “In that day you will know, I am in my Father, you in me, and I in you.” This is that day, and a read of this sacred treasure will reveal the Word Made Flesh is Thine Own.

If you enjoy the beautiful, illumined prose of Rumi and Kahlil Gibran, or if you resonate with the message of A Course in Miracles or the works of authors like Gangaji, you will absolutely love The Book of Love. Seamless in content, flawless in Truth, this book is like none other. It is destined to become a classic.

This product may also be purchased on Amazon.


5 reviews for The Book of Love

  1. Lesley Smith

    The Book of Love is a powerful healing treatment for the reader, providing spiritual guidance and support on every page. For those of us on a deep and committed path of intensive prayer and internal investigation, Diadra Price’s Holy text is reassuring and confirming that we are not alone. Reminiscent of the exquisite writings of the poet Rumi and Kahiil Gilbran, The Book of Love comforts, instructs and encourages practices to unleash your soul. The wisdom reveals itself in every reading and re-reading, providing a high vibrational text for navigating this earthly plane. The beautiful messages transmitted by mystic Price, compliment The Course in Miracles and other profound teachings for seekers everywhere. Five Stars!!!!

  2. Roberta Moore

    The Book of Love is unlike any other book because it comes from a source of intense spiritual inspiration. I find myself stopping repeatedly on each page to savor the pearls of wisdom and to allow myself time to consider the many levels of meaning as they unfold in my heart and mind. Each sentence in this book is worthy of study. Open any page to find a message that will resonate with your deepest need, a need that you may not even have been aware of. Like The Course in Miracles, this book will speak to your soul. If you want to know of the many facets of universal love, buy this book and read it for a lifetime.

  3. C.R.

    Diadra has really done it here. There is so much love presented in this book that sometimes it seems that I may just burst.

  4. P.B.

    The Book of Love is a treasure chest filled with priceless gems of truth directly received from the Divine. Each sentence strikes a chord of resonance within my heart, as if something veiled has been revealed. I’ve really never read anything like this one, and I find that trying to describe my experience is somewhat futile. I will say this: As I read, it feels as though transmissions of unspeakable love are being infused within my heart – like laser beams cutting through layers of content within my conditioned mind. This book is magical, mystical, and deeply profound.

  5. Anonymous

    This book is a gift to the world from the Creator of all. It touches the heart and mind and reminds us of who we are: Love and Light. It is written by a modern mystic who has both earth and heaven written in her heart. It provides practical guidance for remembering who we are and loving support for the journey home. Do not miss this chance to dance with the Divine.

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