Grace Awakening Essence

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Diadra Price ignites the flame of your spiritual journey with this powerful message.

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For many years, she has been able to navigate students into a profound understanding of Grace Consciousness as the spiritual DNA of the soul’s code. Finally, she has gathered her remarkable insights into this long awaited volume of wisdom and inspiration. Her presentation addresses many of the seemingly unanswerable questions about the creative process, answered prayer, karma, destiny and the nature of Reality in the Cosmic Design. Her insights shift consciousness from law to Grace, empowering you to live from the Essence of Being instead of from content of mind.

Diadra says, “Through this study and application of the principles revealed in these pages, you will be able to hear the inner voice of your indwelling Christ Presence, heal any sense of separation, and fulfill the Divine Plan written in your heart. As the portal of your mind opens, you will soar into the heart of Christ and be set free in the Original Design of your Divinity.”

This product may also be purchased on Amazon.


2 reviews for Grace Awakening Essence

  1. Larry Dossey, MD Author: healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine, and Healing Words, the Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine.

    Grace Awakening Essence is an inspiring, ecstatic message that will help anyone discover the inner divinity that is their birthright. Diadra Price is a wise spiritual guidewho writes with compassion and love. This book contains healing on every page.

  2. Carolyn Craft

    This work by Diadra Price could literally change the world. I found her writings to be transformative and at the same time educational. She explains so much about where we are in the various stages of mind .. moving from mortal mind through the various levels of consciousness to mystical mind and mastery. A must read for any serious student wishing to become more transparent while here on the planet, serving humankind. I have been changed at depth and look forward to future works by this author/teacher.

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